Saturday, August 25, 2012

OK, this is kind of random but I've been reading all these words of wisdom quotes and funnies and comics that are flying all over the web on Facebook and twitter and Pinterest and have decided that what i really need to do is something i haven't done since High School.

You know before you're grown when you think about all things you wanna do and experience and have when you grow up and you right them down and who you want to be and how you want to get to be that person and you make list after list and it get tweaked and changed on a regular basis and then...

You grow up and you start your life and along the way maybe you push some of those dreams and plans and wishes aside because...well life happens. I'm going to make one of those lists on things i want to do and accomplish and be and i'm not going to do one of those in 5 years i want and in 10 years i want like most grown ups do i'm going to make the old fashioned kind where my life is still full ahead of me because...well it is :) sure I have children and a husband but those things don't mean that i'm not still me and don't want things for myself. I need to step back and reevaluate my desires for my life; and I'm not just talking in material things and physical things but emotional and personality and those things as well. So here goes...

I want a home with a yard and where i can have animals and my kids can play outside with out me having to freak out about people i may not want around my children.

I want a job that allows me the flexibilty to do things with my children and still provide for them and is enjoyable for me i want to love going to work not dread it.

I want to be outspoken and confident and not feel like i have to keep my mouth shut or i'll piss someone off.

I want to be proud of what i have accomplished and not always wishing for something better or more.

I want to do what i want to do without being afraid to fail or how stupid i may look doing it.

I want to remember who I am and be that person no matter who is watching!!!!

ok folks so last weekend before miss rose starts school and i had a dr appt yesterday and found out that there are a great many variables going into when i get to meet this new little baby and where. I think i will be having a very close relationship with my doctors for the next little while. but on the other hand work is going great and my kids are getting so big AND...I got a new sister today!!!! I have considered her my sister for a number of years now but today it was made official! yep thats right my Brother in law got married today! I'll have to post some pics as soona s i get some as i didnt get to attend the wedding just the handsome husband got to go. I couldnt be more thrilledabout it and cant wait to get to see them again!!! I miss my wonderful Korr family in the mountains!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

So Monday is here, the first day of school for many. Miss Rose doesnt start 2nd grade until the 28th but we are all very excited about it. Hunter and Angelcake are begging to start school as well so we will see if we are able to get them into preschool. I'm kind of hoping i can because that would give this pregnant momma some time to rest and get stuff done ;) thats right you heard me, we will be having #4 in Feb sometime so yay us!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Well Hello Everyone,
It's been such a long time since I've posted anything here that I feel as if I must catch you up :)

Miss Rose is a big 7 now and getting ready to start 2nd grade yikes. She is really coming into her own and going to do girl scouts and 4H this coming school year.

Hunter and Angel cake are almost 4 and ready to go to school like their Onichan. Now just trying to find them a preschool...

My Handsome Hubby is doing really well when I'm not driving him insane :) but with final #4 coming soon in Feb that is much easier to do than to avoid : /

I'm going to try and post more on here on a semi regular basis as soon as I get internet at my new home.

It's a very interesting feeling pretending to be talking to other people when you really are just talking to yourself...

However I will continue to persevere no matter how odd it may feel as someday someone might read my blog... :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Shopping is a lost art! One I am badly in need of learning. I don't mean shopping for clothes or accessories or household items, I mean FOOD. It's true. The art of going into a grocery store and buying only what one needs to feed ones family is a lost art.
I know, I have a family of 5 and I am amazed that I can go into the store and spend hundreds of dollars and think I am buying so much food; then I get home I put it all away and realize I actually have no food. Who else has done this?? Is it just me??
I blame the impulse buys and the packaged meals and of course...myself for poor planning. Does anyone create menu's? The smart people do I am sure. I however am not one of those. I've tried to do it that way and it just doesn't work for me or my family. We are by nature impulsive in everything.
I need to take a homemaker class. Do they offer those? I mean I am only a part time homemaker as I also hold down a part time job but even fulltime parents are homemakers some of the time. It's an important aspect and needs to be addressed.
Anyone know of a homemaker class or some lecture or hands on learning for creating menus and getting the most for your buck at the grocery store? I want to go to the store and come home and know that I will not being looking in my cupboards and fridge in 3 days saying what happened to all that food I just bought?
Help! Anyone!

Thanks for listening

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day at the Lake

Yesterday my family had a great day at the lake. At 4 it was still 95 degrees out and the water was wonderful! It was like swimming in bathwater. The lake is abundantly full which made it all the better. It is so full that we actually were swimming where a parking lot is. Which was nice to since it meant we didn't have to wade through the muck that is usually found on the bottom of a lake.

I didn't take my camera though so I have no pictures. Next time.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Yay for Friday!

I love my weekends!

I had two glorious days of training at my corporate office where it was nice and warm! While at home there was all sorts of fog. YAY me again! I learned all kinds of new stuff I can put into practice in my office.

No progress on the house front but we will get there.

Looking forward to more training in the big city next month, the downside to it is training falls on the first week of Kindergarten for Miss Rose. That really sucks I wanted to be here for it but it's only the first week then I'll have the whole rest of the year to be here.